JACKIE (noun)  JOURNEYS (verb)

What is the purpose / theme of this web-site?  We ALL JOURNEY — to the beyond and to within. As I share my diverse journeys with you, I hope they will encourage you to think about your own journeys, in order know yourself more intimately.  Who we are helps to determine the journeys we choose, and those journeys, as well as unplanned journeys, help us to grown in mind and spirit.– if we pay attention. My wish for you is that this site will encourage you to find significance in your own journeys

The site was first launched in June 2012, right before I set off on what I thought could be my final overseas travel-type journey.. However, it is also a reflection of my interest in “journeys” in general, for this is where I discover diversity in people and places, an interest that motivates my journeys and vice-versa.

What will you find on this web-site? 

  • Travel to the Beyond: includes posts regarding plain old-fashioned travel. Here is a post regarding the beginning of my love affair with European travel as well as posts regarding my last European trips before I gave this web-site a rest.
  • Reflections:  Essays type regarding travel to my own ”within.”
  • Commentaries:  Editorial comments regarding events in the news
  • Quickies: Short entries — essays, questions, and even poems (<500 words) — that occurred to me in a moment, and that can be read in a moment or two. (Those that ask for your response may take a bit of thinking on your part!)
  • General Comments:  A place where readers can make comments on (1) site entries, (2)comments of other visitors, (3) their own journeys, or (4) offer suggestions for future entries by the author
  • Links: Links to other web-sites (or perhaps books) that would be of interest to individuals who are drawn to this web-site
  • 2012 Posts Worth Remembering:  As I renewed this site in February 2016, I deleted some  original entries.  However, some seemed worth saving. Links to those sites can be found in this menu.

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