LET’S DANCE!!! (Original Post 11/17/12)

Amazing!!! One of the best youtubes I’ve seen in a long time! Oh, how I wish I could dance. BUT WAIT!!!  I don’t have to be on stage to “dance.” I don’t need an audience to be a dancer!   I don’t even need to be coordinated.  I’m not performing.  I can move my body to music, even if I’m sitting in a chair, and I know there’ll be joy. AND, in case I get timid (due to some possibly judgmental observers). . . I can always “dance in my mind and heart.” I dare you to watch this video without smiling the whole way through!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks to my cousin, Susan, for sharing. Today. . . I’M GONNA DANCE!!! (And maybe tomorrow and the day after that.) Won’t you dance with me?  I want to travel to a magical land, and I could use some more lions, and scarecrows, tin men, and a puppy (I’ve got a little bit of all four of them in me at various times, but a dance troop would be more fun.) 
Click this hyperlink and start movin’!!

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