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Remember to have fun — ALWAYS!! (originally posted 12/5/13)

I wrote this nine years ago after a weekend with “my guys” (there were only three then.)  It was subsequently published as a Commentary in the “Birmingham News.”  I still think about it every year.  Out of the mouths of … Continue reading

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Intro to Life — at the beach (actual & metaphorical) (original post 7/30/13

In December I reported on a transition in the life of our family– the December 12 death of my first, and only, husband, the 91-year-old father of my children. That transition evoked so many memories and reflections that I wanted … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day — and SO MUCH MORE.

Today, March 17, is a day of celebration — for the Irish and for all who enjoy the kind of fun the Irish offer to us on St. Patrick’s day.  Fun is good (even without green beer).  I hope all of … Continue reading

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The Seasons of Love

How many times will the words “I love you” fill the air on this day that celebrates love? How many tears will be shed by those who have lost the one from whom they wanted to hear “I love you?” … Continue reading

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Truth or fiction? Does it matter?

Once again I’m borrowing from a FaceBook post (received this morning, Jan 26).  Though I have much to do to get ready for a new semester, I still (and always) have a strong desire to communicate with those of you who visit … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays (and beyond)

It has occurred to me that too many times we mourn what we think we’ve lost when in actual fact, we never had what we thought we had.  This time of year seems like a good time to think about that … Continue reading

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Another voice in the choir!

So many people are writing my own sentiments and so, as I noted on my last post, I’m just going to ask them to step up to my mic (on December 22, I still have a bit more Christmas shopping to do … Continue reading

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Reflections of a Fellow “Choir” member

The Way Back Home” by Giselle Fernandez Amazing!!  When I did my pre-hopping out of bed thinking this morning, these were EXACTLY the kinds of questions I was pondering!  I want to find my “true self” but how do I … Continue reading

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PREVIEW: Leaving our bodies, releasing memories and Love

There was a transition in the life of our family this week, and it has evoked so many memories and reflections that I want to share with my fellow journeyers..  However, I want to do it in a meaningful manner, … Continue reading

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A number of years ago, four days before Christmas, those words were uttered by my 6-year-old grandson, in the humblest, most disappointed of voices; not because of his big expectations but because my expectations were spoiling the fun. And, in … Continue reading

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As a child, with many relatives in the area and being one who liked family gatherings, Thanksgiving (and Christmas) evoked a kind of excitement that I can still feel. My mother, her mother, her sisters – they all contributed to … Continue reading

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PENNY for your THOUGHTS; $1,000,000 for your WORDS

Talk is cheap. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt We live in a sea of words – words in our head, … Continue reading

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Children and “Me and I”

Earlier this week I posted “The Saga of Me and I” in the Quickie menu of this web-site. Now, there are some “secrets” about that poem that I want to share. The first secret you might have guessed. I, Jackie, am … Continue reading

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Wedding thoughts on “love”

Last weekend I had the joy of attending my nephew John’s marriage to Sarah. John is the youngest child of my brother and sister-in-law. They’re oldest child, Nicole, and Antonio married in 2008 and have a one-year-old child. One can … Continue reading

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In my June 8 Spain entry I introduced readers to my concept of “punctuation people.”  As I explained, our journeys invariably include others, those who are the text of our lives: our parents, children, close friends, significant others, co-workers. There … Continue reading

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  On my home page, I mention my love of diversity, and especially a diverse social environment. However, if you had the patience to read to the bottom of the page, you saw an outline of my own diverse experiences, … Continue reading

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