Hi, I’m Jackie Goldstein — (known to students as Dr. Gee, or sometimes outside the classroom as Jackie).  For 24 years (August 1991 - May 2015) I had the “best job in the world” as a psychology professor at a private Southeastern College (August 1991 – May 2015). Prior to that I enjoyed many other roles and activities.. Without purposeful seeking or planning, “diversity” became a theme in my life. And then — as I realized how right that theme was for me — I began to seek diversity in all aspects of my being, i.e., who I am, what I experience, where I go, what I do, and what gets my attention. Those experiences have an affected my perspectives, as expressed on this web-site. As with my students, I want you to be an informed reader. i.e., to know your source.  My perspective is what it is, but it’s always changing and no one should ever accept my perspective (or any one else’s) without careful consideration as to whether or not it feels right, makes sense, to them. In the process of reading my “travelogues,” I hope you will become more aware of the evolution of your own life experiences.

So, here’s my zig-zag path, organized into Bullet Points (not exactly a vita, in a formal sense, but since vita means life, it IS my vita.. It was fun, and interesting, to create. I encourage you to try and trace your own path.  BON VOYAGE!

Whether you have travelled, or are, traveling, to another country, another state or city or just to another place in your mind, I hope you’ll share your experiences on this blog with an e-mail to::  jackiejourneys@gmail.com.

  • 1942: born in Northern Indiana mid-sized town
  • 1947: family moved to small Southeastern Michigan agricultural / industrial town
  • 1964: after stewardess training moved to Delta’s Chicago base
  • 1966: after marriage to native Alabamian took up residence in affluent Southern suburb


  • K-12: public school in Southwestern Michigan town, population 7,000
  • 1960–62: music (piano) major in large Southwestern Michigan University
  • 1976-1982: English literature, major leading to B. A., at private Southern University
  • 1983 – 1991: graduate school in Behavioral Neuroscience (psychology), leading to Ph.D., at large Southern University


  • 1942: Christened in Lutheran church (because of Danish, first generation American, mother)
  • 1947-1966: non-denominational Christian church (with Congregational connections)
  • 1966: converted to Reform Judaism upon marriage to Jewish man
  • 1992: confirmed in Episcopal church
  • In general. . . God’s too big to fit inside one religion; really too big to fit inside religion — period

Work experience:

  • 1958-60: day camp counselor, coffee shop waitress, baby-sitter
  • 1962-64: secretary in insurance company claims department
  • 1964-66: Delta Airlines stewardess
  • 1980-1992: part-time instructor for commercial smoking cessation program
  • 1983-1991: behavioral neuroscience research (as part of graduate program)
  • 1991-present: psychology professor at private Southern university

Volunteer activities:

  • Brownie leader
  • Council of Jewish Women
  • Local Brandeis support organization
  • Band Parents Support group (President)
  • Adult mentor in art program for troubled teens
  • Founder of local Compeer Agency (creating friendship matches between community volunteers and those with diagnosis of mental illness
  • Creator of University Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Founding faculty advisor for University Active Minds program (national advocacy and educational program to address stigma of mental illness)


  • daughter and son-in-law, parents of. . .
  • four grandsons, one step-granddaughter
  • son, educated as lawyer; currently pursuing career in acting
  • brother and sister-in-law, parents of my niece and nephew

Research / Study Interest:



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